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The Benefits Of Buying A New Home From A Builder

Whether you’re relocating or simply need a home in Port St. Lucie that has more or less space than you currently have, it’s a common misconception that the best decision in home buying is to purchase a pre-owned home. Gone are the days when it was actually wiser and cheaper to go down this route, especially with the latest developments in home construction and design being integrated into new homes for sale in Port St. Lucie.

St. Andrews Park Villas built by Tiffany Homes boast of energy-efficient and high-quality construction, luxury community amenities, distinct exterior and interior appointments, and pocket-friendly prices starting in the low $200,000s.

Live In The Home Of Your Dreams

Undoubtedly one of the best things about buying a new home from a builder is having the option to customize your home according to your own liking and come home to a place that’s truly “you”. With new homes for sale in Port St. Lucie available in St. Andrews Park Villas, you can select your lot depending on the view you prefer, then customize your lighting, flooring, appliances, and more!

If moving into your dream home is possible, then why move into a home that use to be someone else’s?

A Home That Caters To Your Needs

When it comes to new homes for sale in Port St. Lucie, there are many options for you to choose from in terms of floor plans and room layouts that are not just available in pre-owned homes. You may find a home that matches your budget, but it’s not always what suits your needs - and if you truly want to make it your own, remodelling can become a pricier project than what you’ve planned to begin with. With the new homes for sale on the market constructed by renowned builders, however, you simply select a home that fits your lifestyle and taste. Whether you’ve always wanted an expansive master suite, a walk-in closet, a home with high ceilings, or a beautiful kitchen stainless steel appliances, fret not because all these can be found in the new homes for sale in St. Andrews Park Villas located in Port St. Lucie.

A Brand New Home Means A Brand New Start

There’s truly nothing quite like moving into an immaculate and new home knowing that you’re it’s first owner, and since purchasing a new home is like giving your life a brand new start, why move into an older home especially if it’s not so far off in terms of the price? The prices of new St. Andrews Park Villas for sale start in the low $200,000s and offer living space ranging from 1,985 square feet to 2,035 square feet. Unlike older homes, the villas feature new deluxe exterior appointments and elegant interior finishes.

Forget about “learning to love” an older home’s worn out interiors and finding the time to clean the grease-encrusted kitchen appliances, when you can have freshly painted neutral walls, brand new appliances, clean bathrooms, and a spotless kitchen.

Nothing Beats High-Quality Construction

As much as we don’t want to admit it, buying a pre-owned home could inadvertently mean inheriting someone’s problems. Why settle for an older home that will cost you more to maintain or fix when you can have a new home built with high-quality construction standards?

It’s truly different to move into a home built years ago not knowing the home’s current state to the full extent and what repairs it had to go through, than seeing all the work that went into your home right before your eyes.

St. Andrews Park Villas are of concrete block construction built with monolithic vapor barrier between the concrete slabs. This means your home is protected for a lifetime from problems brought about by moisture such as damage to the floors’ coating, mold, fungi, mildew, and ultimately, damaging of the concrete slabs. This also ensures you comfort and higher indoor air quality all year long!

Tiffany Homes has also ensured that the walls have a flexible acrylic finish to protect your home from weather extremes. Furthermore, included in your purchase of a St. Andrews Park Villa is one-year termite protection from it’s original treatment.

Beautiful Finishes

Builders ensure that the standard new homes for sale they offer have stylish finishes with superior quality, at the same time offering a wide variety of upgrade options for discerning homebuyers. Each standard home in St. Andrews Park Villas by Tiffany Homes, for example, has orange peel texture finish on the interior walls which give more depth and substance to the surface. They are then painted with a white latex flat finish wall paint that adds a sophisticated look. If you’d like a more luxurious look to your home, you can also upgrade to two-tone paint throughout and even add crown molding.

The finishes of the standard models in St. Andrews Park Villas are already lovely to begin with, but if you wish to take the level of design up a notch, there is a wide array of upgrades that you can choose from. The flooring at the foyer, kitchen, laundry, and all the bathrooms in St. Andrews Park Villas is 18”x18” ceramic tile but you can also upgrade throughout other common areas. From recessed panel birch cabinetry, you can upgrade to one with rope and glaze. To complete the look, there is a stainless steel appliances package that you might like. As for the master bedroom you can go from carpeted floors, to vinyl wood flooring for an elegant touch.

Chrome Moen ® faucets, granite countertops with a decorative edge and 4” backsplash, interior level door handles in brushed nickel, and Mohawk ® carpet with 6lb. padding, these are only a few of the great interior finishes you can find in St. Andrews Park Villas!


If you’ve been leaning more towards purchasing a pre-owned home, having a home inspection done is probably one of the top items in your to-do list. But do you know that there could be hidden defects that won’t show up until about 2 years?

On the other hand, when you buy a new home for sale from a builder, your home is covered by a warranty. If in case problems arise in your home during the warranty period, the builder will cover the expenses needed for repairs or replacement. There’s nothing worse than moving into a resale home wanting a fresh start and finding out later on that parts of the home need to be replaced, with the costs coming from your own pocket.


Often overshadowed by other factors, safety should be the number one priority in buying a home. Unlike older homes on the market, new homes for sale in Port St. Lucie that are constructed by Tiffany Homes adhere to the latest building codes and have the most important safety features to look for in a home. Among these are hard-wired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that have an added battery backup in case of power outages. All windows and sliding glass doors are made of impact-resistant glass. They can even install safety grab bars in the bathrooms for you. Tiffany Homes also offers security system installation to future residents of St. Andrews Park Villas as one of their upgrade options.


One important benefit that new homes for sale bring which is just impossible to get from pre-owned homes are energy-efficient construction and appliances. The new homes for sale in Port St. Lucie that are being constructed in St. Andrews Park Villas are far more energy-efficient than older homes that were built in the past five, ten, or 20 years.

The living area of all St. Andrews Park Villas are designed to have R-30 fiberglass ceiling insulation and low-emittance high-performance insulated windows that keep the homes cool especially during the summer time. Each home also has a Carrier ® heat pump heating and cooling system with minimum 16 SEER rating which saves roughly $2,000 on heating and cooling costs from usage of the system through it’s lifespan. All windows and sliding glass doors in St. Andrews Park Villas are also made of impact-resistant glass.

Community Amenities

A great benefit of buying a new home from a renowned builder is living in master-planned community where you can enjoy great amenities that would normally cost you more to build in your own home. A community’s amenities often include a swimming pool, a heated spa, a fitness center, a community clubhouse, a game room, and a media room. Having the majority of these under one roof would certainly cost a lot, but if you buy a home located in a community from a builder, you get to enjoy all these minus the hefty price tag. The community of St. Andrews Park Villas is truly proud to be able to provide all these wonderful amenities to its residents. No problem if you feel like swimming one day, going to the gym the next, and meeting friends for poker the day after that. Enjoy all these just a few steps away!

Maintenance-Free Lifestyle

Since they are in a master-planned community with a homeowner’s association, most new homes for sale in Port St. Lucie developed by builders offer a maintenance-free lifestyle. While some communities would only maintain the common areas such as the amenities and facilities, St. Andrews Park Villas takes it a step further by taking care of individual home lawn maintenance which include cutting, irrigation, pest control, pruning, and light fertilization. The community also takes care of maintaining the exterior walls and the roof of your home. You can basically go on a 3 month vacation, and arrive at your home with clean and maintained exteriors plus a perfectly manicured lawn.

Great Location

For experienced builders, it is a must that the communities they produce are constructed within a centrally located area close to the go-to destinations in the city making it easy for the residents to access them. St. Andrews Park Villas built by Tiffany Homes is located within walking distance to Publix shopping center so those who live in the community can do their groceries and run their errands in just a few minutes.

The community is also adjacent to The Champion Turf Club at St. James. Play golf at the 18-hole championship course designed by Warren Harris! Golf enthusiasts will be glad to know that they offer various annual and seasonal membership rates to choose from, from individual members to families! Additionally, St. Andrews Park Villas is just quick 30 minute drive from the beautiful beach of St. Lucie and Fort Pierce! Baseball fans can also head on over to Tradition Field 15 minutes away where every year from late February until the end of March, you can watch the big league players of the New York Mets during spring training as they prepare for each season! ​During summer, you can also watch minor league baseball games.


Buying a new home for sale has it’s own benefits from a financial standpoint. Not only are you able to steadily plan your payments without the worries of major repairs or replacements related to your home, but you can also take advantage of the mortgage financing options made available through your chosen builder. Apart from cash purchases and conventional financing, Tiffany Homes, the builder of St. Andrews Park Villas, also offers seller financing. For more information, please contact our sales office at 772-249-1061.

New homes for sale in Port St. Lucie located in St. Andrews Park Villas offer the latest advancements in energy-efficient high quality construction and safety all within expansive floor plans, as well as excellent community amenities. Remember, your home is yours to enjoy and not to endure. Call us now at 772-249-1061 to reserve your dream lot and have your dream home built! Your very own paradise in St. Andrews Park Villas await!

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